This past Thursday, Alibava Systems in collaboration with Dr Gregor Kramberger from Particulars had the privilege of hosting an exciting webinar on the Compact TCT product and its relevance in semiconductor physics and education. This virtual event brought together enthusiasts, researchers, and educators from around the globe in a space of unparalleled learning and knowledge exchange

An Innovative Product with Lasting Impact


Compact TCT was introduced as a groundbreaking tool with significant applications in semiconductor research and education. Participants had the opportunity to gain detailed insights directly from the developers, exploring the features and advantages that make this product a cutting-edge choice in the field.



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Exploring the Future of Semiconductor Education

In addition to its impact on research, the webinar also highlighted the potential of Compact TCT in education. Attendees were able to glimpse how this technology can transform the way semiconductors are taught and learned, providing exciting opportunities for the next generation of scientists and engineers.

An Interconnected Global Audience

The success of the webinar was reflected in the diversity of participants joining from different parts of the world. From students to industry experts, the audience represented a broad spectrum of interests and expertise, enriching the discussions and shared perspectives.


Special Thanks

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, speakers, and collaborators who made this exceptional event possible. Your enthusiasm and dedication greatly contributed to the success of the webinar.


Watch the webinar again if you missed it or want to relive some moments:

Watch the full webinar, from introduction to ending.


Detailed analysis of Compact TCT, excluding introduction and ending. 

Stay tuned for future updates and events. We look forward to continuing to share knowledge and explore together the endless possibilities that Compact TCT offers in semiconductor physics and education.


Until the next adventure of discovery!

20 Oct, 2023