About Us

Alibava Systems has its origin in the heart of scientific research. The company was born from the long collaboration of three research institutes: IMB-CNM in Barcelona, IFIC in Valencia and the University of Liverpool. These centres shared the need to characterise radiation sensitive detectors for Particle Physics applications, which led them to develop different solutions that have been extremely useful for sensor characterization, not only for them but also for their international collaborators.

Alibava Systems S.L. was founded to make those successful solutions available and bring them to the market. Our products are high-performance devices varying from compact user-friendly off the shelf instruments, to versatile completely tailored systems and sensors for academic or industrial applications in fields such as Physics, Medicine and Engineering.

In 2016 the company Proactive R&D, specialized in mechanical engineering and systems integration for scientific projects acquired part of the shares. Since then both companies have the same CEO, Dr. Juan Herranz.

Our mission is to provide technological products and services to the High Energy and Nuclear Physics research community from readout and characterization electronics, to radiation detector development and fabrication, custom engineering services, and full mechanical and electronic system integration.


Juan Herranz
PhD Managing Director
Jaume Vera
Mechanical Designer
Youssef Baidder
Mechanical technician
Arghavan Souki
PhD Physics Student

Omar El Hasnaoui
Electronical Technician