Particulars Scanning TCT System is a complete setup for measurements of transient currents generated in semiconductor sensors with narrow laser beam

It can be used for standard and Edge-TCT measurements. Edge-TCT enables measurements of charge collection and carrier velocity profiles – crucial for understanding the performance of heavily irradiated detectors.



  • Wide band current amplifier
  • Bias-T
  • High voltage low pass filter
  • Laser diode (650 nm, 1064 nm)
  • Programmable laser driver for sub-nanosecond laser pulses
  • Laser beam optics, beam spot 8 μm FWHM
  • XYZ moving stages for precise DUT positioning in the beam and focus tuning
  • Water cooled Peltier mounting block for DUT temperature control
  • Aluminium closure for light and RF shielding and atmosphere control
  • Dimensions: 80x40x40 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Hardware control software (connection via USB)
  • Data acquisition software
  • ROOT based package for data analysis


Fibre coupled laser with optics on translation stage

• Laser diode 660 nm or 1064 nm
• Tunable pulse width 0.4 ns – 4 ns
• Tunable pulse power equivalent to 10 MIP – 100 MIP in Si
• Single pulse mode 50 Hz to 1 MHz
• 1024 bits deep pulse sequence
• NIM logic trigger output
• NIM external trigger
• USB control

Sample mounting

• Aluminium support block on XY translation stage:
< 1 μm precision, 2 kg load, 5 cm range
• Block fixed to water cooled Peltier element
(40 W, ΔT ~ 40 °C)
• PT100 for temperature measurement



Executables with GUI for complete measurement

control: Laser control, stage movement, data
ROOT based package for analysis of TCT signals