Beam Intensity & Position Monitors

Alibava Systems offers Silicon Transmission Photodiodeswith very low absorption < 20(4,5 keV) and very high efficiency.

Alibava Beam Intensity & Position Monitors are small, easy to install and passive photodiode  circuit for X-ray beamdiagnostic applications. This solution provides actual X-ray beam intensity  and position data through direct measurement. Furthermore, its transmission properties allow the  online monitoring of the most critical beam parameter simultaneously with the data acquisition  during anexperiment.

This valuable characteristic is achieved through its innovativethin detector with a very high X-ray  transmission, goodresponsivity uniformity, stable, low absorption, and uniformradiation stability.

This Beam Intensity and Position Monitors were developed in collaboration with ALBA Synchrotron.  Thanks to its unique characteristics Alibava Beam Intensity and Position Monitorsare especially  useful not only for beamlines characterizationin synchrotrons but also for quality control of  monochromaticX-ray machinery.

Features & Electronic Characterization

PonN silicon detector

Size: 4.4×4.4 mm2

Thickness: 3 / 5 / 10 µm

No external voltage needed

Easily mounted in the experiment

The beam intensity is measured by the output current

Depletion layer thickness (bias = 0): 2.6 / 3.7 / 7 µm

Photodiode is based on a Silicon detector fabricated on ceramic substrate. Because of the low noise (dark current, in the pA range), very low radiation intensities can be measured reliably.

Single and 4 quadrants systems to perform intensity and position measurements.


Electronic Characterization

Experimental results

Wide energy range. Transmission level above 80% at 4,5 keV and 94% at 12 keV.
Responsivity uniformity better than 5% inside the active area.


Diferent Configurations

Alibava Beam Intensity & Position Monitors can beprovided in four different  configurations:



Further information

Other specifications are available on request
This product is sold under license of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) And Alba Cells Synchroton (Spain)
Rev. 2.1 specifications subject to change without notice