The Alibava Laser System is a low power class 1 laser source ideal to work with silicon detectors.

The detector characterization, the detector’s strip structure, the strips charge sharing or the spatial resolution are some examples of the measurements possible with this equipment.
The Laser System includes a driver to use the laser diode in pulse mode with an external trigger signal. For each trigger pulse, the laser generates a 5 ns width pulse with a rise time of 1 ns. An optical focuser is included as well to help the user to direct the optical signal to a micrometric spot on the target detector. This equipment is compatible with the Alibava System Classic ASC.

General features


  • Class 1 laser diode
  • Diode Peak power: 0.5 mW
  • Wavelength: 980 nm or 1064 nm
  • FC/APC Optical connector output
  • Input trigger Lemo connector
  • Power supply 5V DC
  • Plug and play
  • Laser driver:
    • 5 ns Pulses width
    • 1 ns rise time

System contents


  • 1 Optical focuser:
    • 12 mm Focal distance
    • 20 μm laser spot
  • 1 Fiber optic cable:
    • To connect the laser output with the focuser
  • 1 Lemo cable 1 power supply (+5 V AC/DC adaptor)
    • To connect the input trigger with your trigger source
  • 1 FC/APC to FC/APC connector