Unveiling the Invisible World: An Introduction to Particle Physics / High Energy Physics

Photo Source: CERN 


In the enthralling realm of physics, there exists a field that takes us beyond the bounds of what we can see with the naked eye: Particle Physics. This captivating area of study delves into the exploration of the tiniest particles that make up our universe, opening a window into an invisible yet essential realm. high energy physics

What are Subatomic Particles?


Imagine the universe as a colossal puzzle, and subatomic particles are the smallest pieces. These particles are the fundamental building blocks of everything around us, from the stars in the sky to the cells in our bodies.

The most well-known subatomic particles are quarks and leptons, akin to the basic bricks of matter. Quarks combine to form protons and neutrons in the nucleus of atoms, while electrons, which are leptons, orbit around the nucleus.




Photo Source: Wizeprep

How Do We Study Them?


This is where particle physics comes into play. To comprehend these minuscule particles, scientists have developed advanced tools and technologies. In laboratories and particle accelerators, like those equipped by Alibava Systems, particles are accelerated to incredible speeds and made to collide. These collisions generate a shower of secondary particles, enabling scientists to study and understand the deeper structure of matter. As for example in the most powerful particle accelerator in the world in existence, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN.

Alibava Systems plays an important role in this exploration, specializing in advanced radiation detectors and reading electronics. Notably, Alibava Systems’ contributions are relevant in experiments like those conducted at the LHC, empowering scientists to meticulously unravel the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Just last year our product Alibava System Classic was chosen by ATLAS ITk detector collaboration  to test the system’s strip sensors.






The Hunt for New Particles


As we progress in our exploration, scientists are in a constant quest for new particles and phenomena. The renowned Higgs Boson, discovered in 2012, was a significant milestone confirming existing theories about how particles acquire their mass.

These discoveries not only expand our fundamental knowledge but also have practical applications in advanced technologies, such as medicine and energy.


The Future of Particle Physics


Particle physics remains a dynamic and thrilling field. With cutting-edge technologies and the dedication of scientists worldwide, we stand on the brink of even more astonishing discoveries. Each new particle found and every breakthrough brings us a step closer to unraveling the fundamental mysteries of our universe.

In summary, particle physics invites us to explore the deepest reaches of reality, unveiling an invisible world that shapes everything we know. With equipment provided by Alibava Systems, we are equipped to continue unraveling the secrets of subatomic particles and broaden our understanding of the cosmos. The journey into the infinitesimal continues!



13 Nov, 2023