AC coupled pitch adapters or AC fanins, are used to measure DC-coupled detectors of different kinds with the standard ALIBAVA Daughter Board. They include the AC coupling capacitors and the bias polysilicon resistors for every channel. A general application scheme (top) and a cross-section (right) can be seen below.

  • Integrated AC coupling capacitors:

Thickness = 200 nm

Area = 4500 x 50 μm2

Capacitance = 40 pF

  • Integrated bias resistors:

Resistance = 1 M

Pack of 6 fan_AC


  • External dimensions: ~ 11900 x 8900 μm, thickness: 300 μm
  • Number of tracks: 128 + 2 bias lines
  • Track (and pad) pitch: 80 μm at both sides
  • Track width: 54 μm
  • Track separation: 26 μm
  • Bias lines: 50 μm thick, separated: first-line (GND): 260 μm from the rest of the tracks; second line (HV): 300 μm from the first bias line.

The system is delivered without any detector, but on demand, we can provide with standard detector set:

  • 2 «Baby» P-on-N microstrip (128 channels) particle detector (1×1 cm2)
  • 1 detector board

Optional mounting and wire bonding of the detectors and fanins. Other types and sizes of detectors can be provided under request.