Photo Source: ALBA 

As part of the European project LEAPS INNOV, ALBA, ESRF, CDTI and LEAPS organised a Big Science Supplier Forum. This event brought together key stakeholders to discuss the evolving technology needs in the realm of light source infrastructures, with a particular focus on the large-scale synchrotron upgrades in progress. Around 120 people, representing more than 70 companies (60% from Spain, 40% from abroad), with a large percentage of SMEs, attended the event. LEAPS INNOV

Key Moments:

  • Informative welcome by C. Biscari, Director of ALBA Synchrotron, followed by Welcome from Institutional representation (X. Massó Deputy Director General for Research of the Generalitat and R. Trigo, Head of the Large Facilities and Dual Programmes Department of the CDTI.
  • Presentation by A. Sánchez on the LEAPS-INNOV experience, emphasizing industry engagement for new technologies.
  • Engaging round table discussion featuring prominent figures like C. Biscari (ALBA), M.A. Carrera (AVS), R. Trigo (CDTI), A. Bonucci (LEAPS-INNOV), P. Giacomelli (AIDAinnova), J.M. Pérez (I.FAST), and E. Fernández (INDUCIENCIA), moderated by Ed Mitchell (ESRF).
  • Presentations from five lightsources that are upgrading their facilities in the next years. ALBA, PETRA III (DESY), Diamond, Elettra and Soleil introduced the technological challenges that are facing: new type of magnets, radio frequency or vacuum systems but also innovative civil constructions

Alibava Systems’ involvement reaffirms our commitment to technological . We extend our gratitude to ALBA, ESRF, CDTI, and LEAPS for orchestrating this vital platform. Special thanks to the distinguished personalities for contributing to the success of the event. We look forward to potential collaborations in advancing light source technologies




4 Dic, 2023