We have started a Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Runs of Full-Custom Pitch Adapters to allow the acquisition at a reasonable cost of small quantities of custom fan-ins. The main characteristics are: 


Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Runs 

Several PA designs in a single wafer mask 
One batch 
Sharing costs among many users for small series 

Passivated or not passivated 

Most cases (experiments, prototyping) do not need passivation


20, 50, 120 units 
Extra orders 40% reduction (if available) 

Standard: 0-defects, Untested: (20% reduction) 

Most users do not need 0-defects 

Design rules 

Maximum die area: ~500 mm2 
Minimum area: 100 mm2 
Maximum side length: 50 mm 
Minimum feature size: 10 μ
Minimum separation: 10 μ
Design review 
Rectangular cut 
Minimum space between last feature and cut line: 200 μ


(Some exceptions may apply, please contact us if you need to break some of the rules)

Design options

The customer submits full GDS design (according to design rules).
The customer submits design in gerber or another format.
The customer describes needs and we provide Full Custom design (Customer final design approval required in last 2 cases).



Runs scheduled when enough participants.
Total fabrication time (mask, cleanroom fabrication, test & cut): 3 months.