FEATURES                                                                         BENEFITS

Especially suited for applications where multi-channel fast acquisition is a concern, i.e. feedback systems

This device performs current measurement from ±2.5 nA
(with a resolution of 298 aA) up to ±11 mA (resolution of 1.35 nA) with sampling frequencies of up to 26 kHz (for 1 channel and a 16-bit resolution) and 6.5 kHz (4 channels, 16 bit/sample)
Extremely low current measurements
Bipolar current measurements
Housed in a light and extremely compact box Can be placed close to the signal sources in order to reduce cable lengths and minimize possible noise pick-up
Low temperature drifts, good linearity and very low noise High-precision current measurements
Modular communication capability Allows the user to freely select the type of communication interface, allowing control of the instrument with different types of programming languages and/or operating systems
Buffered voltage monitors that are proportional
to the measured input current
Allows direct analogue monitoring on the oscilloscope
High voltage (30 V) output Detector biasing


  • Ultra-low current measurements                 
  • Si and Diamond detectors readout
  • Beam position monitoring
  • Ion chamber readout

 This product is sold under license of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy)