Transmissive photodiode: DDS1- XXX/X

The DDS1 photodiode is used for diagnostic X-ray applications

  • P-on-N silicon detector
  • Two available square active area: 5×5 mm2 or 10×10 mm2
  • Thickness: 10 μm
  • Very high transmission in a wide range of energies
  • No external voltage is needed for operation
  • Dimensions: 41x68x12 mm3
  • Easily mounted in experiment
  • The beam intensity is measured by output current
  • Depletion layer thickness (bias = 0): 7 µm


General Features

DDS1 photodiode is based on a Silicon detector fabricated on a 10 μm thick substrate. Because of the low noise (dark current, in the pA range), very low radiation intensities can be measured reliably. Si photodiode has good responsivity uniformity and provides a good stability after burn-in.

Specifications (electro-optical characteristics at 25ºC)

Experimental results

Wide energy range. Transmission level above 80% at 8 keV and 94% at 12 keV.
Responsivity uniformity better than 5% inside the active area.

Further information

Other specifications are available on request
This product is sold under license of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) And Alba Cells Synchroton (Spain)
Rev. 2.1 specifications subject to change without notice